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“Cars have been a part of my life since childhood. My father is a car fanatic, who has just retired as president of Killarney race track. Everywhere I went as a kid was something to do with cars, car preparation for races, we even had racing cars in our house. I grew up at Killarney race track.”

Starting in karting aged 10, Deon moved onto Formula Fords, winning the National Championship in 1989. He raced touring cars professionally from 1990 to 2001 for clients including BMW and Opel. On returning to Cape Town after two years in the US, Deon started The Good Guys with Danie Sandenbergh providing the booming movie industry with anything from stunt driving to building specialized vehicles for shoots. From this he moved into managing press fleets, using his unique knowledge and experience of the industry to grow his current business, Deon Joubert Racing. He regularly does performance car benchmark tests for Car Magazine.

”I’ve got a broad knowledge of the industry and the technical aspects. I know how to diagnose a problem because of all my experience in race driving. I’m not a specialist, I can’t build engines myself, but I know who can.”

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